oh gosh!! um, well i guess i should do a post for y’all

sup dudes! my name’s Greg, 25 years old and i graduated with a bachelor’s in broadcasting. Currently a future hopeful radio host/voice actor and comics artist double threat with six years of college radio under my belt. So far comics are in the lead in terms of actually getting profit/getting my name out there, haha

trying to live the dream and move out to seattle with a job in tow so i can be around a lot of my friends and live somewhere that doesn’t induce perpetual swamp-ass levels of humidity. And also gain employment in a career that is actually relevant to my degree/talents


I HATE SPACE: The adventures of a reluctant and self-loathing borderline OCD space explorer who is thrust into unfortunate circumstances, and is not good at wrestling the idea of random chance ruling his life. He’s forced to deal with these things when an accidental run-in with alien thief/assassin/spy/???? Vergil sets in motion what might be the most unfortunate, yet exciting piece of our protagonist’s life. Currently in the writing phase, hopefully finished within the year or early next year.

CROSS DIMENSION: Stereo and Six have been vagabonds for years now and have become accustomed to a life of only relying on each other, but soon may have to deal with something bigger than themselves when Stereo’s past catches up. Stereo slowly learns to share her burdens and open up to other people she runs into along the way of their adventures throughout the universe by way of the cross dimensional highways spread every which way with Earth as the nexus point. WHO KNOWS WHEN I’LL GET THIS DONE LOL

Posted 16 4 2012

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